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How To Choose Best GPS Navigation For Your Car?

Plenty of options that are available in the market, when it comes to buying the best GPS (global positioning system) for your car. Deciding what is best suited for you is a kind of challenge, so how to choose the best GPS for you? That’s what we are here for. This complete guide will tell you how to choose the best GPS navigation system for your car. All the necessary points are discussed here in detail and we are very confident that after the completion of this guide, the GPS tracker buying process will be a piece of cake for you.

If we talk about the latest trend, almost all cars have the in-dash navigation system and the factory installed units are seen on very cheap priced cars. The In-dash navigation system is installed on the dashboard replacing the factory head unit. You can connect your smartphone apps and different internet application through this system.

What you must be considering before buying the best automotive GPS navigation system?  See if your automotive GPS navigation system has these features or not before buying.

Below are some points to consider.

1. Real time tracking:

It is one of the main features you have to look at, when buying the best GPS navigation system for your car. The GPS system is attached to the wireless network system, which will show the info regarding the speed of your vehicle. All details will be shown on a map. The map developers will also show the real time traffic and they will also show you the position of other cars whether they are parked or not. If you select a targeted location, it should be telling or indicating you if you are going in the wrong direction.

2. History of your trips:

By utilizing this feature, you can track all the outings made by your vehicle. The in-dash navigation system will show all the details on the map. All details like kilometer voyaged, normal speed, stops, engine idle time and running time. If your vehicle has crossed the speed limit, a similar kind of notification will be shown on the map. The further developed system has the alternative of showing you the complete replay of the entire journey.

3. Notification:

If you are planning to buy the best automotive GPS navigation system for your car then it must have a feature to show alerts like:·    Maintenance notifications

  • Fuel notification
  • Speed limit notification
  • Stop alerts
  • Driver monitoring alerts 

4. Monitoring the driver:

 You can monitor your driver if you have one of the best GPS navigation system for your car, so no worries when your kids are out with the driver. You can access them through your smartphone applications. Just by checking the correct route, stop timings and delay the journey.

5. Voice in and out:

All the in-dash navigation system has the ability to guide you on every turn, by voice commands. The old units only used to pronounce the distance of the next turn. The technology is growing, so the best GPS navigation system also has street name pronunciation features.

6. Boundary allocation:

In your in-dash navigation system there is a feature called geo fencing which will alert you through email or text, if a vehicle or a person enters or leaves the area. This feature ensures the security level and the safety of the car. Using this system you will be able to utilize the information for monitoring in numerous ways and you can increase the safety level of your car.

7. Easy installation process:

While selecting the GPS navigation system for your car, make sure that it is very easy to install and it has a low maintenance cost. There are usually different types of navigation system, which are listed below: ·    

  • GPS navigation system for car
  • Marine GPS
  • The outdoor portable GPS
  • GPS/PDA (personal digital assistant) 

Choose according to your need but again make sure about the easy installation process.

8. User Friendly GUI:

A good automotive GPS navigation system has a user-friendly interface, in which everything is clearly mentioned. You can monitor your cars and their movement on a regular basis, very easily. If you are doing a rental car business then it can also help you in making some good investments, after analyzing which car is giving more profit and on which route there is max traffic.

9. Previous reports:

You can view each and every single detail about your cars, if you are doing the business so make sure the GPS navigation system is showing you the historical reports. You can break down the data after analyzing, that will add some value fundamentally to your ROI. You can get an answer on GPS Tracking on the dashboard, as reports are displayed on a chart. The data incorporates complete distance travelled, over-speeding, standing by time, usage and stoppages. You see the measurements identified with different travel ranges of vehicles and covering various routes. With these measurements close by, you can monitor your labor force to the desired level.


10. Voice recognition and analysis: 

While driving it is not convenient for you to monitor the map by touching it at every single point. So, a good GPS navigation for cars must have the voice recognition feature and for business owners they can completely analyze all of their vehicles by monitoring them.

If you have an in-dash navigation system, the dash cameras built with the latest technology will tell all the details if your car had a collision. They were first used in Russia to monitor the insurance fraud case. So if you have the best in-dash camera installed in your vehicle, then in case your vehicle has an accident, you can show the complete footage of the scene, to the police or the respective department about the happening. Modern cars these days usually have the best in-dash GPS car navigation systems.


All the above mentioned points were listed after careful analysis and comparison of different products. Before buying the best GPS car navigation system you should look for the above mentioned points. We hope you find this guide helpful, and you won’t feel confused at what to look for, when buying the automotive GPS navigation system for your vehicle.

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