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How to play audio from phone to car?

How To Play Audio From Phone To Car?

Whether you are an android user or you are using the IOS operating system, there are different ways through which you can play music from phone to car. This article will guide you about how to play music from phone to car.

All methods are discussed in detail, you will be learning about how to play music from phone to car in an old car and at the same, you will learn about its connectivity in the new cars.

If we talk about the old ways then, people don’t have many options as there were only car speakers and radio that was available in those days. But, if you have a new car or you are planning to replace your old car with a new car with new cool features, then there are different ways.

We have listed 8 ways to play music from phone to car. We hope this article will help you.

1. The basic option: Through FM radio transmitter

One of the simplest ways to play music from your android or IOS device to the car stereo is by using an FM Bluetooth adapter. This method can be applied to all the cars irrespective of their model type with no aux cables.

These days almost all the cars come with an FM radio and there is a power socket too. By using the combination of these two features you can play the music in your car by using the FM transmitter.

Playing music from phone to car using an FM adapter depends upon which variant of phone do you have? The basic method is to plug the transmitters in the power socket and then attach the phone to it, via Bluetooth technology.

If the configured phone is paired with an FM station that has no frequency range in your area, then you can play the music on your car stereo. You can’t have an extraordinary sound quality by applying this method, yet many people are feeling satisfied with the output quality.

To get the best quality you have to choose the best quality adapter with the right interface. If your car doesn’t support Bluetooth and there is no AUX port, then this is the best method to play music from phone to car.

The quality of the sound will depend on the signals of the radio network and the type of phone you have. You can have the best quality with the best adapter, strong signals, and a decent phone.

This is another simple method, and it works completely fine without having a supplementary jack on the phone. Almost all cars these days have built-in Bluetooth technology; this technology has made the life of the user.

If you have a Bluetooth option available in your car, all you have to do is to enable the Bluetooth on your phone and then you have to connect the phone to your car’s Bluetooth.

Most of the time it’s auto connected but, you can also set a security key to connect it with your car’s stereo. If we talk about cars these days, then some cars will allow you to control the music and watch the music on a screen attached to your car’s stereo.

Once you have connected your phone to the car’s stereo, then it will automatically connect the next you sit in your vehicle. You have to reconnect it if you are using a different phone.

Once the phone is paired with Bluetooth, you can also make hands-free calls, but the quality of the call won’t be as good as the quality offered by Auxiliary cables.

3. Auxiliary ports and cords

If your car doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity, no need to worry about anything as with the AUX cable you can play music from phone to car in no time. It is one of the best options to play music from your phone in the car.

The question is how to play music from phone to car using this method; well it’s not a tough job to do so. You can do this by linking the adapter to your phone using Bluetooth connectivity. No need to attach the wire with the 3.55mm jack on your phone.

Most of the cars come with a 3.55 mm auxiliary jack. It is located on the car stereo or sometimes below the car stereo. You can connect using this method by attaching one end of the cable to your phone headphone’s jack and the other end of the cable into the port available on the stereo or beneath it.

Once you are done with it you can play your favorite tunes. When compared to the cassette and the FM transmitter the quality of audio produced by the AUX cable is many times better. But, to make it work you must have a 3.55 mm jack on your phone. If the car and phone have a stereo jack, then it is another simplest way to play music from phone to car

4. iPod 30 pin adapter

This is another method, by using this method you can learn how to play music from phone to car using an iPod 30 pin adapter. This method will work if your car has an iPod 30 PIN adapter.

There are different interfaces that can connect with the 30 pin adapter allowing you to play music from your iPad and iPhone using Bluetooth connectivity. If we compare the audio quality produced by the FM transmitter and the 30 pin adapter, then a 30 pin adapter can produce much better sound.

5. Cassette Adapter

Does your car have a cassette slot? If yes then the Bluetooth cassette adapter can serve as a wireless connection, this is one of the intelligent methods to play music from your phone to car, if you have an old antique model of car then you can definitely use this method.

You will link this through Bluetooth, as the cassette has a Bluetooth receiver. There must be a battery present in the cassette adapter to play music from phone to car. By using this option you can play the music, but the sound quality won’t be as good as compared to other options.

So, you can apply this method, if you are not receiving enough signals from the FM transmitter. In addition to the new models of the phones that lack a 3.55mm jack, this method won’t work on them. If the power port is not working properly and the cigarette lighter port is also not working you can use this method.

6. USB

You can play music from phone to car by using the USB input. This is one of the most convenient methods to play music from phone to car. Most vehicles these days have a USB port. With this port, you can also recharge your phone, by attaching a cable to it without having a proper power socket adapter. In addition, you can add some of your favorite tunes into the USB and attach the USB to the port or you can also plug your phone directly to play the music from the phone.  

So, people having cars that have USB input ports, for them this is the best method to play music directly from the car’s stereo. Buy an alternate cable to make function, one other advantage of using this method is that it won’t drain the battery of the phone, as you can play the music and simultaneously recharge your phone.

7. Apple car play or android auto

Coming towards the latest techniques, to play music from phone to car. Most of the vehicles these days come with GOOGLE’s Android auto apps and Apple’s car play. By using these apps you can pair your phone to the head unit of your car to play some cool music. You can access many functionalities by using this method, once the phone is connected, you can access the maps and navigation, the complete screen of your phone will be visible so you can attend calls and send messages at the same time.

This option is not supported for cars that lack these features but if you have the latest head unit in the car, you can connect by using these apps anytime. By using the GOOGLE’s voice and assistant or SIRI, you can completely integrate your music, which is another best feature.

What if the infotainment system lacks these features? Well in this case you can use these features on the screen of your phone, pair it up with Bluetooth, or by using a USB cable. You can get the same sound quality but this feature is only for android users people having IOS can’t use this feature.

8. Apple car play or android auto

People who are looking for a way to play music from phone to car, that has hands-free call supported functions, but at the same time, there is no option to play music through Bluetooth connectivity. For such this option is the best. There are plenty of old models of the vehicle that support the hands-free calling feature. It is one of the budget-friendly methods that don’t require any FM Bluetooth adapter.

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