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Best Tire Chains For Driving In Winter

Security Chain Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

Security Chain Radial Chain Cable

Are you a frequent traveler of snowy areas? Or, are you an adventure-loving person? People living in snowy areas face many problems; when there is heavy snowfall in their area, due to slippery roads, there are many accidents reported all around the world. In the US there are more than 150k car accidents due to snowy conditions, causing many deaths.

It’s better to stay protected than to do nothing, the best tire chains can make your life easy in tough weather conditions. The tire chains were introduced in the early 1900s, the chains that people used were very problematic causing damage to the vehicle’s tires and they were very hard to install too. As the latest advancements in technology have done wonders, the same is the case with tire chains; they kept on improving the technology. The tire chains became famous among the truck drivers who find it difficult to change tires in tough weather conditions.

The snow tire technology has improved a lot as compared to the technology used in previous decades. With the advancements in snow tire technology, the tire chains technology is also improved a lot. But, too many options in this huge market when it comes to picking the best tire chains for serious winter driving.

After continuous testing of different products and analysis and after taking feedback from the users, we have done some work that will make your life much easier when it comes to buying the best tire chains. Read the article till the end and pick the best option suited for you, we have also listed the pros and cons of each product which will make things much easier for you. You won’t find it difficult when it comes to traveling towards snowy areas, as we have listed our top 8 best tire chains in this article. We hope that buying the best tire chains for serious winter driving will be a duck soup for you when you finish reading all the information provided below.

Security Chain Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chain

The Security Chain Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chain is one of the best tire chains in the market with loads of satisfied users. It has a thick chain in which they treat and the sidewall is covered in a diamond-shaped style. These chains cover the sidewalls of the tire, but there is a chain that covers the main face of the tire of your vehicle, it holds all the traction chains against the rubber of the tire.

For completing the circuit the chain on the inner side clips to itself. The best ratcheting auto-tensioner is there to provide more security to the chain system on the outer side of the tire. The tensioner system is there to keep the chain system more tightened and it helps to keep it centered. So, you don’t need to worry about whether the chain is placed right or not, and the good thing is you don’t need to press the brakes only to see that the chain is good or not.

We have listed this product as the best tire chain, because of the self-tightening tensioner system, which takes this product to lead this list. By having this system the Auto-Trac becomes more convenient for the user to use. It is an easy-fit snow chain that offers a great grip to the tires of your vehicle. Buy it and say goodbye to worries, as you have the best tire chain for serious weather conditions, so enjoy your adventures.

  • Easy-fit snow chain
  • Easy installation process
  • Self- tightening ratchet
  • It offers the best grip to the tires

  • It might not work with all types of vehicles as it is a bit size specific

Security Chain Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

Looking for the best tire chain with the minimum weight? Then the Security Chain Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain can be the best pick for you as it has a self-tensioning system with a much finer chain. The system is designed in such a way that all the cables are completely wrapped; they dig into the snow like plenty of little wooden sticks, for extra grip. It is the best tire chain for compact vehicles with small wheel openings and it requires very little space for installation. The traction material is lesser in weight than the heavy-duty chains.

The installation process of Super Z6 Cable is very easy. By covering the inside portion of the tire you stretch the cross-section portion of the rubber. The coupler is then attached in such a way that it completes the circuit on the face of the tire. The best thing about the Super Z6 Cable is, it has a rubber tensioner that connects to the cable that is attached to the circumference of the tire of your vehicle. For keeping the tire chain snow system more tightened to the wheel, the tensioner is connected to the connecting cable in such a way that it starts pulling it by using six clips.

With an advanced tensioning system you don’t need to move the wheel before installing the Super Z6 Cable as it has the ability to center the chain system. If there is some space in between the chains the tensioning system will automatically bring it back into shape when the vehicle starts moving. Buy this easy-fit snow chain for your vehicle and enjoy the drive.

  • It comes with an easy installation process
  • It has the constant spring tensioning system
  • Better traction
  • Advance design

  • The wheel might have some scratches due to the heavy metal of the chain
  • It is size-specific, so not for all kinds of vehicles

Security Chain Radial Chain Cable

Are you searching for the best tire chain for serious winter driving? Or you are looking for a budget-friendly easy fit snow chain? In both cases, the Security Chain Radial Chain Cable can be the best pick for you. They are basically designed to save the sidewall wear on radial tires.

It meets the S.A.E class “S '' and around drive tires very little amount of space is required for them, due to the lightweight material of this chain it is easy to install and remove, making it more convenient for the user. With the best cornering, starting, and performance it has all the steel materials, it is constructed in such a way that it gives this product a longer life, and instead of the traditional steel rollers, it has the peerless Industrial Group Inc’s traction coils for better and longer life.

So, people who are looking for something good, can surely buy this product and have some fun during tough weather conditions.

  • Comes with an installation process
  • Spring style design for the best traction
  • It won’t damage the wheel of your vehicle

  • You need to move the vehicle in order to install it
  • You have to tighten it after driving
  • It can’t be fitted on every vehicle, as it is size specific

SUPTEMPO Emergency Anti-Slip Tire Traction Chains

How about having the best pair of shoes for your vehicle, in tough weather conditions? The SUPTEMPO Emergency Anti-Slip Tire Traction Chains are not typically the chains, they are more than that. Across the surface of each shoe, there are the best quality metal studs with each tire wearing 3 of these shoes on each tire.

You have to cover the portion of the tread of the tire with straps to cover the wheel spokes. There are ratchet assemblies that are used to connect the straps. It is an easy fit snow chain, as you don’t need to move the vehicle while installing this chain, you can easily attach SUPTEMPO Emergency Anti-Slip Tire Traction Chain in the 3 point star layout, by putting 2 of them on the lower sides and 1 at the top of the wheel.

There are a lot of advantages of shoe style chains as compared to other traditional tire chains. They are one of the best tire chains which are much less in weight, they are budget-friendly, so you can buy them easily without tearing a hole in your wallet. In addition, you can save your time as they come with an easy installation process. You don’t need to tighten these chains once they are attached to the wheels, as they have the ratchet strap fastener system in them.

So if you spend the maximum time of your day in snowy areas and you don’t want to use the typical tire chains then these chains are no doubt the best tire chains for people like you.

  • Easy-fit snow chain
  • It has ratchet straps for retightening
  • They can be installed on a wide variety of vehicles with different tire dimensions
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not preferred for longer use
  • Might scratch wheels

NICE EASY Tire Chains

Wheel chains

Are you looking for one of the best tire chains which is a combination of a strong traditional tire chain and it also has a shoe-style shape? If yes then the NICE EASY Tire Chains can be your best pick. There are a total of 6 sets, with 3 of them attached to each wheel of your vehicle. It is an easy-fit snow chain, which is much less in weight as compared to other products of the same category. The shoe used in this chain has a woven chain design and this multi-unit tire chain has a composite shoe.

You can attach the NICE EASY Tire Chains to the wheels with the help of ratchet straps and you can install these chains without moving the wheels of your vehicle as you can attach them around the wheel and tire assembly, rather than connecting them through the outside part of the tire.

With one of the best digging abilities, they are one of the best options for those people who are badly in search of 3 piece types of tire chains which can perform really well in sand and mud too. So, if you travel frequently to areas where there is a lot of mud and sand then buy it, install it and for sure you will love it.

  • Can be easily tightened
  • Easy-fit snow chain
  • You can install these chains without moving the wheel of the vehicle
  • Can be fitted on different sizes of wheels
  • Performs best in sand and mud too

  • Might scratch wheels when used for a long period of time

König CB-12

For people who are looking for a pair of budget-friendly chains with unique and simple designs, the König CB-12 can be the best-suited option for such people. Despite being simple in design, they have enough grip on tires, to perform like the best tire chains for serious winter driving.

It is one of the most common products among tough mountain drivers, as they have used these chains on scary roads full of ice and this product makes their life much easier. Normal traffic can be stopped, but people who are involved in freight carrying business have to deliver the packages on time, no matter how harsh the weather is towards them. After installing the König CB-12 on the tires of your vehicle, you will feel the smoothness and a much stable ride.

It is an easy fit snow chain, as you don’t need to lift your car up while installing these elegant chains and it comes with a manual tensioning system. These traditional tire chains come with a mat for your convenience, so need to worry about it while installing them in tough weather conditions.

Despite their high-quality performance and elegant style type they do not meet the requirements of the S class. So, if you love simplicity, buy this amazing pair of tire chains and have some fun in the snowy areas.

  • Elegant and simple design
  • Budget-friendly
  • It offers a smooth and clean ride
  • Easy-fit snow chain

  • Size-specific, so it won’t work with cars with minimum wheel clearance

Issue-Shark Snow Sock

The Issue-Shark Snow Sock is for people who want to run away from typical traditional style snow chains, these types of chains have been present in the market for decades and they have the ability to give the best quality performance in serious winter driving conditions.

Some people don’t want to hear the noise of the typical traditional tire snow chains or they hate the process of untangling and them storing them properly, the Snow Sock solves this problem for the users. They are made up of the best quality polyolefin fabric.

Issue-Shark Snow Socks like other chains are not made to drive over 30 miles per hour and It covers the entire tires of your car. They are available in plenty of sizes and with the flexibility of the fabric type and low profile design, you can install them in different categories of vehicles including large trucks, hatchbacks, and high-powered SUVs.

For people who are thinking about the installation process, the good thing about the Issue-Shark Snow Sock chains is that they are one of the best easy-fit snow chains in the market. Once it is correctly paired on the wheels, you won’t feel any disturbance or noise as you hear when you install the traditional tire chains. We listed this product in this list as it solves the biggest problem of the users, as no one wants scratches on the wheels. These chains are made up of high-quality fabric. So don’t worry about any damage to the tires after installing this amazing product.

They may not look as tough as the other traditional tire snow chains, but they have the ability to give exceptional performance in tough-weather environments. As few places don’t allow people to use snow chains on their vehicles, the Issue-Shark Snow Sock is considered the best tire chain in these scenarios. Buy these chains and for sure you won’t regret your choice.

  • Best alternative for traditional style snow chains
  • Easy-fit snow chain
  • They can deliver the best performance in tough weather conditions
  • High-quality fabric is used in these chains
  • You can also them in areas where traditional style snow chains are prohibited for the users

  • Short life span as compared to the similar products in this specific domain

Soyond Snow Chains

Not a frequent traveler of snowy areas? Or are you looking for the budget-friendly best tire chain? In both cases, the Soyond Snow Chains are the best-suited option for you. They have a unique and elegant style and you can easily buy them without spending too much of your hard-earned cash.

At first look, these chains look completely different as compared to other products of the same category. They are designed in such a way that they reduce the snow build up and simultaneously they offer great traction on slippery roads, thanks to the hollow design of the Soyond Snow Chains. For the protection of tires and roads, they have thermoplastic polyurethane plates. Each of these plates has steel studs, these studs are there to provide extra grip to the tires. And, they work exceptionally on the roads, which are full of ice, by giving more friction to the tires. What’s more these studs have the ability to break the ice chunks that cause trouble on the icy roads.

Another good thing? What is it? Yes, most important, they are easy to fit snow chains and all you have to do is to pull the strap before pairing them up with the tires. You don’t have to move your vehicle while installing them and you can also store them very easily without tangling them. In addition, these chains are among the best tire chains in this category which can fit in a wide variety of vehicle types.

There are a total of six chains in the package, 1 is the snow scraper, a wrench that helps in the installation process, and a pair of nylon gloves, which helps the user to install them properly without damaging their own hands. Go for this option and enjoy your rides in the snow.

  • Budget-friendly snow chain
  • Comes with an easy installation process
  • Delivers the best performance in snowy areas
  • Comes with a unique and an elegant design
  • It won’t damage the wheels

  • It won’t hold up on surfaces that have cement inside them

Frequently Asked Questions for Tire Chains

Q: Which are the best snow chains?

A: There are tons of options in the market when it comes to choosing the best snow chains, below are some of the best snow chains in our opinion.

1.Security Chain Peerless Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chain

2.Security Chain Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain

3.Security Chain Radial Chain Cable

4.SUPTEMPO Emergency Anti-Slip Tire Traction Chains

5.NICE EASY Tire Chains

6.König CB-12

7.Issue-Shark Snow Sock

8.Sound Snow Chains

Q: Is it illegal to put chains on your tires?

A: Yes, it is totally permissible to apply reasonable proportions of the tire chains on any vehicle. The reason they are allowed is to provide safety to users in tough weather conditions. As there are many areas that are covered by snow for the complete 356 days of the year. Better to stay protected than to put the precious life at risk.

Q: Are tire chains or cables better?

A: The snow chains are much heavier in weight and installing them is a bit of a challenge too. Their principal advantage is their strength, so they're a superior decision in the event that you drive where snow chains are often required.  On the other hand, the snow cables are less in weight and they come with an easy installation process too. But, in most cases, they will damage the tire in case one link of the cable breaks. So, snow chains are always a better pick.

Q: Do you need 2 or 4 tire chains?

A: If we talk about law, it is simply important to have snow chains for one axle when going in mountainous or snowy areas. But sometimes, when driving a 4 x 4 a few drivers like to utilize 4 chains (two sets). What’s more, in most scenarios a single set of chains will give more than enough traction to the wheels of the vehicle. However, there are other benefits when using the 2 sets.

Q: Do chains go on all 4 tires?

A: Yes, the best thing is that you must attach all the tires with the chains, for all types of vehicles. If you only attach the chains on the front wheels of your vehicle, then the back wheel will lose the grip and it can cause some serious damage to the car and most importantly to the lives of the passengers. On the contrary, chains are applied only on the rear wheels, the steering wheel will lose control, which can cause some serious damage. So, always attach all the tires with the chains to stay protected in tough weather conditions.

Q: Are snow socks as good as chains?

A: If you have new winter tires then no need to put snow socks on them. Of course, snow socks are not as good as snow chains. You can say that the snow socks are better to use than to use nothing on the tires. In addition, the snow chains have lots of advantages; they provide more safety and traction in tough winter driving conditions. The most difficult thing is to attach the snow chains for some vehicle owners. But if you apply them properly then say goodbye to worries.

Q: Do chains help on black ice?

A: The black ice is just like normal ice. However, driving on black is not the same as driving on snowy roads. There are some tools available in the market like snow chains, which help the user to drive in tough weather conditions; they provide the best traction to the vehicles, to make the user feel protected and safe during driving mountainous territories. You can easily apply breaks when the chains are applied in snowy conditions.

Q: How Do I Install Snow Chains?

A: Follow the steps given below to install the snow chains:

1) First identify the right tires to attach them

2) Take the chains out of the box and read the instruction manual

3) Then untangle the chains

4) Attach the chains to the tire and connect the cable

5) Connect the hook

6) Connect the red chain at the bottom

7) Repeat the same process for other tires

8) Drive forward about 15 feet.